Advice for Choosing the Right Wine for a Present

There is always an occasion around the corner that calls for celebration. Birthdays, house warmings, bridal showers, graduations, and professional promotions mean presents! Here are a few tips on choosing the right wine, no matter the occasion.


Season should be the #1 reason.

Pay attention to the time of year. Lighter, fruity flavors for Summer and Spring.


Keep the recipient in mind.

Picture his/her taste and personality. Does s/he have a sweet tooth? Choose a dessert type wine. More conservative? Choose a sparkling or lighter red wine.


Don’t get distracted by the appealing label or bottle design.

Make a thoughtful decision based on the preceding advice. Labels do not always accurately speak to the quality and taste of what’s inside the bottle. Be sure to stick to mid-range prices and consult an expert.


Not on a budget? Buy more than one bottle.

If you do not have a set budget or you are buying bottles with friends, variety is best. Pick a few bottles and arrange them in a gift basket/box. This way, you will offer a wider range of flavors and s/he gets to pick their favorite (be sure to take a mental not for next time you plan on purchasing wine for him/her).


Visit our menus to view the current wine list at Satterfield’s. We have knowledgable bartenders and servers to assist you in choosing the right wine for your dinner, dessert, or mood!