How March of Dimes Inspires Satterfield’s

Working together for stronger, healthier babies

premature birth march of dimes

On September 22nd, we were lucky enough to partner with March of Dimes and other signature chefs from Birmingham in support of the March of Dimes. Preterm birth poses one of the most serious health threats to mothers and their babies and overwhelms families with a large financial burden. According to an article written by Anna Claire Vollers, Alabama has the fourth highest rate of preterm births in the nation. The only states with a higher rate are Louisiana, Mississippi, and the territory of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse in Alabama’s big cities. The average preterm birth rate for Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery is 13.5 – significantly higher than the state’s rate of 11.7.

As the night began, it was obvious that the ballroom at the Grand Bohemian Hotel was at max capacity. Sixteen chefs representing fourteen restaurants in the Birmingham area graciously donated their time and expertise.  Our own Executive Chef, Pat Horn, prepared a dish that Satterfield's Restaurant Executive Chef Patrick Hornwas masterfully refined. Sourcing his pork from Niman Ranch, he slowly cooked the meat until tender enough to shred and form into the rillette. For a full set of instructions on how you can do this at home, please click here.

Using benne seed crackers made from scratch at Satterfield’s, Chef Pat finished off this delectable dish with a bread and butter pickle. Throughout the evening, guests streamed past tables tasting the various offerings, One thing remained constant, however. They kept coming back to Chef Pat.