How to Assemble a Balanced Charcuterie Board

It’s possible to please everyone!


charcuterie 2


If it happens in the kitchen, Satterfield’s can teach you how it pull it off. We wouldn’t steer you wrong! When it comes to sharing a meal and making memories, we have tried and true methods to make you look like the perfect host. If you follow the instructions below, you WILL be the “hostess with the mostest”.

A mixture of colors and textures for vibrancy is key for any well-rounded charcuterie board. Consider arranging different red and black berries, dried fruits, fresh herbs, pickled vegetables, and various spreads on your board to accompany your meat, cheese and cracker selections. FACT: The more, the merrier. Your serving platter or board should be overflowing. Stack and pile until your heart is content. FACT: Variation is important and makes all the difference.

Charcuterie Board Advantages:
  1. Each guest can get creative with flavor combinations
  2. Quick and Easy (only minutes to prepare)
  3. No bake, no fuss
  4. Enjoy with friends and family
  5. Sweet and salty
  6. Variety
  7. Works with any alcoholic beverage selection (red/white wine or beer)


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Charcuterie Checklist:

Base– serving platter or board (classic wood, modern marble or a combination)

Meat selections– 2-3 slices per person, all about the flavor! (ex: prosciutto, pancetta, sopressata, salami, etc.)

Cheese choices– 1-2 oz. per person, hard and soft, from mellow to sharp. Mild, medium, or bold, slice ’em up! Best served room temperature. Be sure to have plenty of knives, no mixing flavors!

Bread & crackers– buttery, grainy, thinly sliced, toasted baguettes, use them all!

Tangy & Briny– add small bowls of pickled vegetables (ex: pickles, olives, jalapeños, pepperoncinis)

Preserves– 1-2 jams or preserves for added flavor and sweetness to balance salty meat and cheese options.

Spreads– For smearing before stacking: stone ground mustard, tapenade, pâté, hummus, or bean dip.

Sweet treats– dark chocolate, compound butters, nut butters, etc.


Suggested pairings:

Cheese Fruit Nuts Chocolate Charcuterie
Gorgonzola Pears, Plums Walnuts Extra Dark Chocolate Dry Coppa
Provolone Extra Melon, Apples Cashews Dark Chocolate Mortadella
Aged Gouda Grapes,Blackberries Cashews Milk Caramel Salami
Brie Pears, Grapes Almonds Peanut butter cups Speck



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