It’s Officially Grilling Season: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your Ultimate Guide to Steak 


1. What’s your budget?

High-end steaks:

Inexpensive steaks:

Quick Tip: Look for even marbling (more tender and flavorful).

2. Expecting a lot of guests? Buy in bulk.

A whole strip loin weighing 10-15 pounds = 10-20 steaks.

Quick Tip: Use a chef’s knife or boning knife and some basic butchering skills!


3. When you salt your meat is essential.

Salt your meat approximately 40 minutes before grilling.

Quick Tip: Kosher salt is better than table salt.

4. To flip or not to flip?

Multiple flipping gets your steak to cook faster and causes it to cook more evenly.

5. Don’t be afraid to poke it.

You can tell how well-done your steak is just by poking it.

Quick Tip: If it’s rare, it should feel like the fleshy part of your hand at the base of your thumb when you touch your thumb to your index finger. Medium is if you touch it to your middle finger. Well-done is if you touch it to your ring finger.

6. When carving your meat, do it right BEFORE serving.

Be sure to place your meat on a warm serving platter or a wooden carving board.

Quick Tip: A warm serving platter or wooden carving board keeps your meat hot longer than a cool ceramic plate.


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