It’s All About the Pork

According to a recent study by U.S. Pork Export Achievements, pork is the most consumed animal protein in the world. There are multiple ways to prepare pork chops or tenderloins in the comfort of your own home. Short online tutorial videos make cooking pork meals simple. One can learn how to bake, brine and bread Pork Chops in less than a minute. When you have a taste for pork, it also takes less than a minute to make a reservation.


Pork is beautifully highlighted this month on the menu by Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin.


2018_2_pork belly grits apple aioli


Braised Niman Ranch pork belly, Carolina gold rice grits, green apple, red pepper aïoli, and caramel-lime sauce.




For more tips on cooking your favorite cut of pork, click here! 
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A Guide to Winter Cocktails

Top 5 Winter Cocktails


pablo (1)


As you bundle up and head out to meet up with friends, family, and coworkers, keep these top 5 cocktails in mind! OR Follow the instructions below to become an amateur mixologist in the comfort of your own home.


The Jack Rose

2 oz Apple Brandy (Laird’s Applejack is one of America’s oldest distilleries), .75 oz Fresh Lime Juice, .5 oz Quality Grenadine Shaken Hard.


Old Friends

2 oz Glenlivet Scotch (Or your favorite single malt), 1 oz Madeira (Fortified Wine), .75 oz Zucca Rhubarb Amaro

Should be gently stirred and poured either over ice or into a cocktail glass such as a coupe to be enjoyed with a twist of grapefruit. Deep smoke, soft fruit and notes of chocolate and rhubarb.


An Improved Cocktail

2 oz Rye Whiskey, .5 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, .25 oz Fernet Branca, Two Dashes Orange Bitters

An Improved Cocktail was the answer to the original cocktail (whiskey, sugar, bitters) which we now know as an Old Fashioned.

*Later this recipe was simplified and became known as the Sazerac. Serve in a rocks glass rinsed with absinthe with a squeeze of lemon peel.




The Manhattan

2 oz Good Bourbon Whiskey, 1 oz Quality Sweet Vermouth (Such as Dolin Rouge, Carpano Antica Formula, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino), 2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

A delicious, robust cocktail that showcases whiskey.

Fun fact: the original Manhattan area code was 212 – 2 oz of whiskey, 1 oz vermouth, 2 dashes of bitters.  Stir until very cold, strain.




Hot Buttered Rum

2 oz Dark Rum, 2 sugar cubes, 1/4 inch fresh butter.

Take a small sauce pan and melt the butter under low heat and stir in the sugar cubes with 1 oz of water until completely dissolved.  Add in your 2 oz of rum and pour in to a coffee mug.  Add hot water to your liking and grated nutmeg.


Satterfield’s invites you to try these recipes at home, or come have a seat at the bar and let our professionals take care of you. We have plenty of cocktails perfect for the cold and rainy season.



Dessert Highlights for January 2018

Satterfield’s kicked off 2018 by unveiling some new desserts on the menu!



Chocolate Whiskey Tart in a shortbread crust with Swiss meringue, praline brittle, and whiskey sauce.





Apple charlotte – toasty buttered house-made sourdough with homemade apple butter, honey crisp and grannie smith apples, cinnamon ice cream and spiced caramel sauce.




Marcona almond and olive oil cake with candied kumquats.





On the Menu in February: 

Chocolate Whisky Tart (above)


Pear-Maple Bread Pudding (Sample Plate)


2018_1_tiny spiced pear bp


House Made Ice Cream Trio – Dark Chocolate, Salted Butter Caramel, and Cinnamon with Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie




Chocolate Tiramisu Dark Chocolate Cake, Mascarpone Mousse, Cappuccino Soaked Lady Fingers, Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Vanilla Anglaise



Satterfield’s has plenty of dessert options on the menu that are carefully crafted with finesse. Make a reservation today and satisfy your sweet tooth.

2018 Valentine’s Day Menu Perfect for Two

pablo (1)

It’s almost that special time of the year!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. On Wednesday, February 14th, shower your loved one with gratitude during the day and join us for dinner in the evening. Share an intimate meal with your significant other at Satterfield’s this Valentine’s day.

Reservations from 5:30pm until 9:45pm

$85 per person, prior to tax and gratuity


For more detailed information on this year’s special Valentine’s menu, please click the link below.

Valentine’s Day menu 2018


We look forward to serving you and your special someone on February 14, 2018! 

pablo (1)

Satterfield’s prioritizes locally sourced food

It’s all about the ingredients

fresh market produce

2017 Restaurant Industry Report suggests that 66% of American consumers say they are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers locally sourced food items. Future trends (predicted for the year 2020) will include local sourcing, fresh produce, healthy eating, and an emphasis on authentic items.


Satterfield’s is way ahead of the game

2017_9_15_beet pear rocket mizuna gttruff

We have been locally sourcing food for quite some time now. On a weekly basis, Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin personally visits local farmers markets to meticulously choose the freshest ingredients for dinner service. Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin takes great pride in producing carefully crafted dishes for Satterfield’s diners. He utilizes a vivid plating technique to highlight ingredients and thoughtful flavor pairings to showcase his blending of fresh spices and herbs.


If you want fresh and local food, call 205-969-9690 to make a reservation today!

How to assemble a balanced charcuterie board

It’s possible to please everyone!


charcuterie 2


If it happens in the kitchen, Satterfield’s can teach you how it pull it off. We wouldn’t steer you wrong! When it comes to sharing a meal and making memories, we have tried and true methods to make you look like the perfect host. If you follow the instructions below, you WILL be the “hostess with the mostest”.

A mixture of colors and textures for vibrancy is key for any well-rounded charcuterie board. Consider arranging different red and black berries, dried fruits, fresh herbs, pickled vegetables, and various spreads on your board to accompany your meat, cheese and cracker selections. FACT: The more, the merrier. Your serving platter or board should be overflowing. Stack and pile until your heart is content. FACT: Variation is important and makes all the difference.

Charcuterie Board Advantages:
  1. Each guest can get creative with flavor combinations
  2. Quick and Easy (only minutes to prepare)
  3. No bake, no fuss
  4. Enjoy with friends and family
  5. Sweet and salty
  6. Variety
  7. Works with any alcoholic beverage selection (red/white wine or beer)


charcuterie 1


Charcuterie Checklist:

Base– serving platter or board (classic wood, modern marble or a combination)

Meat selections– 2-3 slices per person, all about the flavor! (ex: prosciutto, pancetta, sopressata, salami, etc.)

Cheese choices– 1-2 oz. per person, hard and soft, from mellow to sharp. Mild, medium, or bold, slice ’em up! Best served room temperature. Be sure to have plenty of knives, no mixing flavors!

Bread & crackers– buttery, grainy, thinly sliced, toasted baguettes, use them all!

Tangy & Briny– add small bowls of pickled vegetables (ex: pickles, olives, jalapeños, pepperoncinis)

Preserves– 1-2 jams or preserves for added flavor and sweetness to balance salty meat and cheese options.

Spreads– For smearing before stacking: stone ground mustard, tapenade, pâté, hummus, or bean dip.

Sweet treats– dark chocolate, compound butters, nut butters, etc.


Suggested pairings:

Cheese Fruit Nuts Chocolate Charcuterie
Gorgonzola Pears, Plums Walnuts Extra Dark Chocolate Dry Coppa
Provolone Extra Melon, Apples Cashews Dark Chocolate Mortadella
Aged Gouda Grapes,Blackberries Cashews Milk Caramel Salami
Brie Pears, Grapes Almonds Peanut butter cups Speck



Instead of hosting your friends, co-workers, or family at your place, come to ours! Make a reservation for the main dining room, the Chef’s counter, or the patio! Call to book our Private Dining Room for an event today!

Satterfield’s Award-Winning Dishes for 2017-2018

Each year Birmingham Restaurants award the “50 Favorites,” best restaurant dishes found by Birmingham Restaurants’ publisher, Jan Walsh. Categories include 50 Favorite Appetizers & Cocktails; Sandwiches, Soups & Salads; Entrees; Desserts; and All Time Favorites, which are tried and true, memorable dishes that are repeat favorites for many years. Satterfield’s was recognized as an Appetizer and an All Time Favorites winner for 2017-2018.

Satterfield’s 50 Favorites Winning Appetizer Dish:

Fried Green Tomatoes with Blue Crab


Satterfield's fried green tomatoes


Satterfield’s 50 Favorites All Time Favorites Winning Dish:

German Chocolate Cake

Satterfield's german chocolate cake














Begin your New Year the right way. Visit Satterfield’s for an award-winning dining experience today!


Science has revealed the latest facts surrounding how we experience food!

Studies show food tastes better when…


It’s plated artistically

Researchers at the University of Oxford have evidence that plating actually plays a crucial role in influencing a person’s expectation and enhances a diner’s experience.

Fact: People prefer centered plating.


Find more desserts like this on the menu at Satterfield’s



You snap a photo

Researchers from Saint Joseph’s University and the University of San Diego found that taking a photo of your food before taking the first bite can actually improve your perceived taste of it. Those who stop and take a photo pay more attention to the food’s smell and aesthetics.

Fact: Photos posted on Instagram with ‘#food’ increased from 800,000 in 2013 to 183.3 million in 2015.

food photo taking


You make it yourself

A study published in the journal Health Psychology suggests that self-preparation increases the importance and taste of healthy food. When people prepare foods themselves, they become more aware of the ingredients that make up that food. The effort put into making the food also adds to overall satisfaction.

Fact: Unhealthy food doesn’t taste any better when you make it yourself.


charcuterie (3)


Eating in groups
Italian researchers have discovered eating behavior is also influenced by cognitive and emotional factors.

Fact: People who are in a state of joy eating in a group undergo a positive food experience.

According to scientists at Oxford University, what we hear when we consume food—whether it’s the sound the food makes, the music in a restaurant, or even pure tones or blasts of white noise—can make our food seem sweeter, more bitter, more savory or more fresh, depending on the quality of that sound. For example, loud background noise in restaurants can diminish our sense of the sweetness or saltiness of food.

Fact: Sound can also influence people’s consumption rates, their food choice preferences, and even how much they consume.

group white wine



Join us for dinner with a group of loved ones. We have plenty of Instagram-worthy dishes on the menu!