How to assemble a balanced charcuterie board

It’s possible to please everyone!


charcuterie 2


If it happens in the kitchen, Satterfield’s can teach you how it pull it off. We wouldn’t steer you wrong! When it comes to sharing a meal and making memories, we have tried and true methods to make you look like the perfect host. If you follow the instructions below, you WILL be the “hostess with the mostest”.

A mixture of colors and textures for vibrancy is key for any well-rounded charcuterie board. Consider arranging different red and black berries, dried fruits, fresh herbs, pickled vegetables, and various spreads on your board to accompany your meat, cheese and cracker selections. FACT: The more, the merrier. Your serving platter or board should be overflowing. Stack and pile until your heart is content. FACT: Variation is important and makes all the difference.

Charcuterie Board Advantages:
  1. Each guest can get creative with flavor combinations
  2. Quick and Easy (only minutes to prepare)
  3. No bake, no fuss
  4. Enjoy with friends and family
  5. Sweet and salty
  6. Variety
  7. Works with any alcoholic beverage selection (red/white wine or beer)


charcuterie 1


Charcuterie Checklist:

Base– serving platter or board (classic wood, modern marble or a combination)

Meat selections– 2-3 slices per person, all about the flavor! (ex: prosciutto, pancetta, sopressata, salami, etc.)

Cheese choices– 1-2 oz. per person, hard and soft, from mellow to sharp. Mild, medium, or bold, slice ’em up! Best served room temperature. Be sure to have plenty of knives, no mixing flavors!

Bread & crackers– buttery, grainy, thinly sliced, toasted baguettes, use them all!

Tangy & Briny– add small bowls of pickled vegetables (ex: pickles, olives, jalapeños, pepperoncinis)

Preserves– 1-2 jams or preserves for added flavor and sweetness to balance salty meat and cheese options.

Spreads– For smearing before stacking: stone ground mustard, tapenade, pâté, hummus, or bean dip.

Sweet treats– dark chocolate, compound butters, nut butters, etc.


Suggested pairings:

Cheese Fruit Nuts Chocolate Charcuterie
Gorgonzola Pears, Plums Walnuts Extra Dark Chocolate Dry Coppa
Provolone Extra Melon, Apples Cashews Dark Chocolate Mortadella
Aged Gouda Grapes,Blackberries Cashews Milk Caramel Salami
Brie Pears, Grapes Almonds Peanut butter cups Speck



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Satterfield’s Award-Winning Dishes for 2017-2018

Each year Birmingham Restaurants award the “50 Favorites,” best restaurant dishes found by Birmingham Restaurants’ publisher, Jan Walsh. Categories include 50 Favorite Appetizers & Cocktails; Sandwiches, Soups & Salads; Entrees; Desserts; and All Time Favorites, which are tried and true, memorable dishes that are repeat favorites for many years. Satterfield’s was recognized as an Appetizer and an All Time Favorites winner for 2017-2018.

Satterfield’s 50 Favorites Winning Appetizer Dish:

Fried Green Tomatoes with Blue Crab


Satterfield's fried green tomatoes


Satterfield’s 50 Favorites All Time Favorites Winning Dish:

German Chocolate Cake

Satterfield's german chocolate cake














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Science has revealed the latest facts surrounding how we experience food!

Studies show food tastes better when…


It’s plated artistically

Researchers at the University of Oxford have evidence that plating actually plays a crucial role in influencing a person’s expectation and enhances a diner’s experience.

Fact: People prefer centered plating.


Find more desserts like this on the menu at Satterfield’s



You snap a photo

Researchers from Saint Joseph’s University and the University of San Diego found that taking a photo of your food before taking the first bite can actually improve your perceived taste of it. Those who stop and take a photo pay more attention to the food’s smell and aesthetics.

Fact: Photos posted on Instagram with ‘#food’ increased from 800,000 in 2013 to 183.3 million in 2015.

food photo taking


You make it yourself

A study published in the journal Health Psychology suggests that self-preparation increases the importance and taste of healthy food. When people prepare foods themselves, they become more aware of the ingredients that make up that food. The effort put into making the food also adds to overall satisfaction.

Fact: Unhealthy food doesn’t taste any better when you make it yourself.


charcuterie (3)


Eating in groups
Italian researchers have discovered eating behavior is also influenced by cognitive and emotional factors.

Fact: People who are in a state of joy eating in a group undergo a positive food experience.

According to scientists at Oxford University, what we hear when we consume food—whether it’s the sound the food makes, the music in a restaurant, or even pure tones or blasts of white noise—can make our food seem sweeter, more bitter, more savory or more fresh, depending on the quality of that sound. For example, loud background noise in restaurants can diminish our sense of the sweetness or saltiness of food.

Fact: Sound can also influence people’s consumption rates, their food choice preferences, and even how much they consume.

group white wine



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New Year’s Eve 2017

Spend New Year’s Eve 2017 at Satterfield’s

New Years

For $85 you can enjoy 3 courses to end 2017 on a high note. Don’t end the year without treating yourself to an extraordinary dining experience courtesy of Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin and Chef de Pâtisserie Brittany Garrigus.



New Year's Eve Menu at Satterfield's 2017

View the NYE Menu 2017



Satterfield’s Top Pick for a Signature Punch

For Your Next Holiday Gathering!


dinner table 3



One of Satterfield’s talented bartenders, Alex, has shared a recipe perfect for a holiday dinner party or gathering of close friends and relatives. Whether you are serving dinner for 6 or hosting 30 special guests in your home, this libation will be a hit! This signature punch is based on a cocktail Satterfield’s currently has on the drink list called Pear Necessities.


Serving size: 6 people
9 oz Bourbon or Vodka
3 oz Tuaca
3 oz Fresh Lime Juice
3 oz Spiced Pear Syrup
6-8 oz Cava or Prosecco
Block of ice
Pear Slices
Lemon Peels
Punch bowl with glassware


The night before mixing the punch, fill a small, square, plastic container with water and put it in the freezer. Overnight, the water will freeze to make a square block of ice that should fit in your punch bowl. Using a dense block of ice as opposed to smaller machine made will help you punch last longer during your party.


The day of your event place your ice block into the punch bowl and mix your choice of Bourbon or vodka, Tuaca, Lime Juice, and sparkling wine in your punch bowl. Make sure to stir to mix everything well. Use pear slices, rosemary, and lemon peels as garnishes.


To make Spiced Pear Syrup:
Take 5-6 Bosc or Anjou pears and dice them up. In a small pot, place the pears, 5 star anise, 2 cinnamon sticks, and 4 cloves with enough water to evenly cover everything. Put the pot on the stove on medium heat, allowing pears to cook thoroughly. Once cooked, allow to cool and separate the spices from the pears. Juice the pears to retain the liquid. Add equal parts light brown sugar to pear juice.

Holiday Punch_ 2018

Over the holidays, visit Satterfield’s to try a special Spanish-style eggnog. With notes of Vanilla, lemon citrus, and cinnamon, this rum based eggnog is both rich and creamy.

12 Tips on Throwing a Seamless Holiday Dinner Party

It’s Officially Holiday Season! dinner table 4


In 2017, the holiday season brings feelings of joy, love, and more often than not, stress. Between the holiday traffic and shopping for loved ones, one has little headspace to even consider how to efficiently prepare for a dinner party. Luckily, Satterfield’s has years of experience arranging seamless dinner services and parties in their private dining room. We have decided to give you exclusive insider access to professional tips on throwing a well-executed holiday dinner party. No matter your style or budget, these simple tips will ensure your gathering goes off without a hitch.


#1 Create a Simple Menu

Keep it simple, comforting, and fun. Don’t forget to ask guests about any dietary restrictions.

Pro Tip: This is not the time to try to make something new. Make dishes you KNOW you are good at executing.


#2 Prep in Advance 

Prep and freeze your entree. Bake and freeze a dessert. A few days before, chop veggies for salads and sides. The day before, cut up the fruit.

Pro Tip: A hot or cold soup is a quick option as one of your courses.


#3 Have a Simple Signature Cocktail and/or Mocktail

Pro Tip: When people ask if they can bring anything, say beer or wine.


#4 Triple Threat Decor

Fresh flowers/greenery, candles, and linens (white table cloths/napkins).

Pro Tip: Feeling fancy? Use china, if you have it. If not, plain white dishes will do!


#5 Seating and Smart Stations 

Make sure to have enough seating for all guests in and out of the dining room. Have stations for hors d’oeuvres and a self-serve bar away from the kitchen.

Pro Tip: Feeling fancy? Have some placement cards made at your local print shop. For the self-serve bar, print out a simple drink recipe and frame it so there is no confusion.


Your guests want to be in your presence, the food is just an added bonus.


#7 Accept Help If and When It is Offered

Delegate and get things done! People like to contribute.

Pro Tip: Assign tasks based on a person’s skills and strengths. Not everyone should contribute in the kitchen.


#8 Plan for Unexpected Guests 

Plan for at least two unexpected guests (5 or more for larger parties). Better safe than sorry.

Pro tip: Add freezer bags and disposable food storage containers to your shopping list ahead of time.


#9 De-clutter Your House in Advance

Start paring down your main living areas 3-4 weeks before the dinner party. Ample seating and cleanliness should not be a top priority the week of the party.


#10 Send Your Invitations Sooner Than Later. It’s Holiday Season.

The most important part of any dinner party is the people who attend. Try to pick people who know each other or will mesh well.

Pro Tip: Consider the size of your space. Most homes can’t fit more than 12 people comfortably. For apartments, even less.


#11 Timing is Everything! 

Each course will approximately take an hour at the table with conversation.


#12 Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up! 

A few weeks before the event, check-in with your expected guests.

Pro Tip: Confirm +1’s and dietary restrictions.


Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

The Reports Are In!

Whole Foods and Mintel (best known global producer of market intelligence information) have identified and analyzed the key trends set to impact the global food and drink market in 2018. Both reports pinpoint five overall themes which lend to trends for the fast-approaching new year. Those in the food and beverage industry, along with its consumers, will prioritize trustworthiness, wellness, sustainability, engagement, and technology in 2018.


pablo (10)


According to Mintel’s report (2017), traceability has become progressively important in the market. There has been an increase in visibility of natural, ethical, and environmental claims in global food and drink labels. Consumers are more invested in ingredients’ consistency, efficacy, and purity.  Self-care was reported as being a motivating factor in modern day consumer behavior. When consumers make food and beverage choices, physical and emotional benefits, nutrition, and balance are weighed more heavily than ever before. Sustainability will become more prevalent as scientifically engineered food and beverage products gain popularity and become more socially acceptable. Engagement through share-worthy, multi-sensory experiences while dining will drive food and beverage creativity in 2018 as consumers seek more interactive options. Personalization via technology has sparked online and mobile food shopping, delivery and subscriptions as well.


Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2018


1. (Engineered) Plant-based foodspablo (11)



Dish by Satterfield’s Executive Chef Trip Mauldin

2. Wanderlust – a new-wave of cuisines from distant lands
  • Google searches for Filipino food have doubled since 2012 according to Baum+Whitman
  • What to Expect: Indian Food offerings will transition to fast-casual street food. A rise in upscale Korean restaurants with complex dishes incorporation umami and fermented foods. Wide spread Middle Eastern cuisine availability.


3. Avocado toast fad will continue
Avocado toast


4. Injections of flavor infusions
  • What to Expect: combinations, like sweet and spicy, explored and infused in unexpected ways


5. Boozey desserts
  • What to Expect: part frozen dessert, part alcoholic beverage


6. Puffed and Popped snacks
  • What to Expect: According to Whole Foods recent trend report, “new extrusion methods” have made it possible to add puff, pop, and crisp to even more foods.


7. Sparkling beverages going beyond water
  • Major companies are expanding inventory and availability of sparkling beverages
  • What to Expect: bubbles in a lot more glasses that aren’t just H2O (coffee, cocktails, mocktails, etc.)



Dish by Satterfield’s Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin


8. Floral Flavors
  • Lavender (lattes), rose, hibiscus (teas), elderflower (cocktails)
  • What to Expect: whole flower/petals added to dishes, botanical flavor infusions


9. Root-to-Stem, Head-to-Tail – No waste cooking
  • What to Expect: innovative ways to use parts of plants or animals that were once generally thrown away


10. Transparency
  • Consumers are demanding more information about their food.
  • What to Expect: labels and descriptions like GMO-free, fair trade, etc.

It’s Time to Gather Around the Table!

Jellied vs. Sauce-y, Take Your Pick!


During the Thanksgiving holiday, the only other rival in the South that matters, besides Alabama and Auburn, is which cranberry sauce is in your household. Americans consume 5,062,500 gallons of jellied cranberry sauce every holiday season. Jellied cranberry sauce (the log) is most preferred by consumers totaling 75% of overall cranberry sauce sales and more than 94% of Thanksgiving dinners include cranberry sauce.cranberry-sauce-taste-test_612

Any southerner knows, this is not the most important addition to your cornbread dressing. It’s the giblet gravy! Becky Satterfield has shared her family recipe below, but your family doesn’t have to know. You can take all the credit!



  • Giblets from turkey (liver, heart, gizzard, and neck), cooked
  • 4 cups turkey stock or broth or chicken broth or stock
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 2 teaspoons poultry seasoning
  • 2 heaping tablespoons reserved uncooked cornbread stuffing mix
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/3 cup cold water
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 1 hard boiled egg, sliced
  • Cornbread Stuffing, recipe follows


Chop the giblets and the meat that has been removed from the neck. Using a saucepot, bring the stock to a boil. Add the giblets, bouillon cubes, poultry seasoning, and raw stuffing to the mixture.

In a separate bowl, mix the cornstarch and water, and add to the boiling stock, stirring constantly. Reduce the heat and continue to cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the salt and pepper, to taste, and add the sliced boiled egg.