Science Has Revealed the Latest Facts Surrounding How We Experience Food

Studies show food tastes better when…


It’s plated artistically

Researchers at the University of Oxford have evidence that plating actually plays a crucial role in influencing a person’s expectation and enhances a diner’s experience.

Fact: People prefer centered plating.


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You snap a photo

Researchers from Saint Joseph’s University and the University of San Diego found that taking a photo of your food before taking the first bite can actually improve your perceived taste of it. Those who stop and take a photo pay more attention to the food’s smell and aesthetics.

Fact: Photos posted on Instagram with ‘#food’ increased from 800,000 in 2013 to 183.3 million in 2015.

food photo taking


You make it yourself

A study published in the journal Health Psychology suggests that self-preparation increases the importance and taste of healthy food. When people prepare foods themselves, they become more aware of the ingredients that make up that food. The effort put into making the food also adds to overall satisfaction.

Fact: Unhealthy food doesn’t taste any better when you make it yourself.


charcuterie (3)


Eating in groups
Italian researchers have discovered eating behavior is also influenced by cognitive and emotional factors.

Fact: People who are in a state of joy eating in a group undergo a positive food experience.

According to scientists at Oxford University, what we hear when we consume food—whether it’s the sound the food makes, the music in a restaurant, or even pure tones or blasts of white noise—can make our food seem sweeter, more bitter, more savory or more fresh, depending on the quality of that sound. For example, loud background noise in restaurants can diminish our sense of the sweetness or saltiness of food.

Fact: Sound can also influence people’s consumption rates, their food choice preferences, and even how much they consume.

group white wine



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