Tips for Wine Pairing with Veggies

With Spring in the air and Summer quickly approaching, vino and vegetables will more than likely become a regular part of most dining experiences. The general wisdom is that one should pair white wine with fish and reds with meat, but what about wine pairing with vegetables?


Light, Bright, & Dry Flavors

  • Dishes Featuring Citrus flavors, Squash, Asparagus, & Earthy Herbs (tarragon, parsley, and dill)
  • Pairs With Dry Whites: Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc


Blush & Dry Flavors

  • Salads or Dishes Highlighting Strawberries, Beets, & Radishes
  • Pairs With Dry Rosé


Red & Big Flavors

  • Dishes With Elements of Blackberries, Plums, Swiss Chard, Watercress, & Nasturtium Pesto
  • Pairs With Cabernet Sauvignon


When in doubt, simply remember the color of the wine and the color of the vegetable should be similar! 

Here’s one of our veggie-centric dishes. We have a fine selection of wines just waiting to be paired with locally sourced produce! Call us today to make a reservation.