Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

The Reports Are In!

Whole Foods and Mintel (best known global producer of market intelligence information) have identified and analyzed the key trends set to impact the global food and drink market in 2018. Both reports pinpoint five overall themes which lend to trends for the fast-approaching new year. Those in the food and beverage industry, along with its consumers, will prioritize trustworthiness, wellness, sustainability, engagement, and technology in 2018.


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According to Mintel’s report (2017), traceability has become progressively important in the market. There has been an increase in visibility of natural, ethical, and environmental claims in global food and drink labels. Consumers are more invested in ingredients’ consistency, efficacy, and purity.  Self-care was reported as being a motivating factor in modern day consumer behavior. When consumers make food and beverage choices, physical and emotional benefits, nutrition, and balance are weighed more heavily than ever before. Sustainability will become more prevalent as scientifically engineered food and beverage products gain popularity and become more socially acceptable. Engagement through share-worthy, multi-sensory experiences while dining will drive food and beverage creativity in 2018 as consumers seek more interactive options. Personalization via technology has sparked online and mobile food shopping, delivery and subscriptions as well.


Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2018


1. (Engineered) Plant-based foodspablo (11)



Dish by Satterfield’s Executive Chef Trip Mauldin

2. Wanderlust – a new-wave of cuisines from distant lands
  • Google searches for Filipino food have doubled since 2012 according to Baum+Whitman
  • What to Expect: Indian Food offerings will transition to fast-casual street food. A rise in upscale Korean restaurants with complex dishes incorporation umami and fermented foods. Wide spread Middle Eastern cuisine availability.


3. Avocado toast fad will continue
Avocado toast


4. Injections of flavor infusions
  • What to Expect: combinations, like sweet and spicy, explored and infused in unexpected ways


5. Boozey desserts
  • What to Expect: part frozen dessert, part alcoholic beverage


6. Puffed and Popped snacks
  • What to Expect: According to Whole Foods recent trend report, “new extrusion methods” have made it possible to add puff, pop, and crisp to even more foods.


7. Sparkling beverages going beyond water
  • Major companies are expanding inventory and availability of sparkling beverages
  • What to Expect: bubbles in a lot more glasses that aren’t just H2O (coffee, cocktails, mocktails, etc.)



Dish by Satterfield’s Executive Chef Tripp Mauldin


8. Floral Flavors
  • Lavender (lattes), rose, hibiscus (teas), elderflower (cocktails)
  • What to Expect: whole flower/petals added to dishes, botanical flavor infusions


9. Root-to-Stem, Head-to-Tail – No waste cooking
  • What to Expect: innovative ways to use parts of plants or animals that were once generally thrown away


10. Transparency
  • Consumers are demanding more information about their food.
  • What to Expect: labels and descriptions like GMO-free, fair trade, etc.