We Can Help You Figure Out What’s Fueling Your Hunger

Being consistently hungry throughout the day becomes pretty inconvenient and expensive.


Based on research and nutritionists, here’s why you might be hungry at this very moment.


Fast vs. Slow Digestion

You might gain energy after eating a meal, but how soon you become hungry is determined by digestion. Heavy carbohydrate meals boost your energy, then leave you hungry due to quick digestion. This also applies to foods with a lot of refined sugar (juice, candy, pastries, flavored yogurts) that cause your blood sugar to rise and drop within a couple of hours. Adding proteins and healthy fats (which are broken down by the body at a much slower rate) to your meals keeps you feeling full longer.

For breakfast, try adding nuts or hard-boiled eggs to your morning meal.


Beware of Pre-Packaged and Low-Fat Foods in Stores 

These foods often lack nutritional value and cause a quick spike/drop in your level of blood sugar. Consuming low-fat foods can often leave you hungrier than eating high-carb foods.

Fight cravings and feel full longer by eating more healthy fats (fatty fish, nuts, avocados, eggs). 


Timing Is Everything

Poor sleep hygiene alters hormones related to hunger and make you crave treats high in sugar. How frequent you eat, and how long you consistently sleep, can leave you more or less hungry.

An earlier bed time and later morning alarm helps your body better process the foods you eat and influence the choices you make. 


Binge Watching (And Eating)

Sitting for long periods of time and being distracted while eating can lead your brain to believe you need to eat sooner than later.

Simply focusing on your meal while dining can reduce hunger. 


First, Quench Your Thirst

When you begin to become dehydrated, your first thought is hunger. Don’t be fooled, drink up!

Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day as a constant reminder to drink. Switch up your water intake by infusing it with fruit. 

We have whole, fresh ingredients on the menu that will leave you feeling satisfied longer!

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